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How To Accelerate Your Law Practice When You're Stuck In Traffic
New Cassettes Show Lawyers 101 Guaranteed Practice-Building Methods

Expand Your Practice - The Practice Development Site for Professionals Who Want To Increase Their ProfitYou're driving to your office and your mind is on business. Your practice is doing okay. But you want to speed up your financial growth and attract more clients. You want to expand your practice quickly and ethically. Why waste your precious time when you're caught in traffic when you could be learning the same proven techniques that produce a 200% to 800% profit for your competitors?

How to Expand Your Law Practice With Cost Effective Advertising And Public Relations: 101 Ways To Get And Keep More Clients shows you how to increase your profits while you drive to your office.

Suitable For All Kinds of Law Practices
It doesn't matter if you're a general practitioner, a personal injury lawyer, a bankruptcy expert, a matrimonial lawyer, a real estate specialist, a criminal lawyer, an immigration attorney, a solo practitioner, a partner in a securities firm or newly admitted.
Now you can attract more clients with proven public relations, free advertising, affordable yellow page ads, newspapers ads that get results, brochures that sell your practice, targeted direct mail, proven radio/TV commercials and eye-catching billboard campaigns.
Teaches Lawyers To Think Like Advertising Professionals
  • You will learn how to approach your marketing problems like an advertising expert
  • You'll know how to tell a good ad from a bad one
  • You'll find out how to save 30% on all your marketing expenses
  • You will avoid the costly errors made by lawyers who don't use the tested methods described on this two hour, two volume audio program
  • If you're already promoting your practice, you will get lots of ideas for improving your present campaign
Our Guarantee
Follow these methods for thirty days. If you're not satisfied with the results, return the audio for a full refund.
Narrated By An Attorney
This two hour audio cassette is narrated by Philip Bryce, Attorney At Law. Developed By An Advertising Expert Who Markets Law Firms Throughout The U.S. And Canada.
How To Expand Your Law Practice With Cost Effective Advertising:
101 Ways To Get And Keep More Clients was developed by Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. Dr. Granat is president of an award winning ad agency specializing in lawyer advertising. You've seen his articles in Legal Economics, The New York State Bar Journal, The New Jersey Law Journal, The Pennsylvania Lawyer, The American Bar Association's Audio Lawyer, Law Practice Management, The Pennsylvania Law Journal Reporter, The Bottom Line and The Docket. He has lectured to The New Jersey Bar Association.
His clients include one of the largest personal injury firms in the northeast. Here's what the head of this firm says about his marketing. "Dr. Granat has done a super job for us. I recommend his agency to other lawyers with the utmost confidence."
According to Jules Coven, A New York attorney, "Granat's ads have had a significant impact on my practice."
A New Jersey negligence lawyer called him "a marketing genius."
Dr. Granat's clients have appeared on 60 Minutes, 20/20, Good Morning America and Nightline.
A Small Investment Earns Big Profits
Lawyers pay thousands of dollars for Granat's advice.Now you can get the same information for $69.95. Even if you use just one of the techniques on these tapes, it could mean thousands of dollars for your practice.
Free Bonus
When you order this program, you will get free reprints of Dr. Granat's articles on marketing for lawyers.
Tax Deductible
Act now. This small tax deductible investment will produce thousands of dollars for your firm.

Dr. Jay Granat