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Announcing Two New Seminars
For Wealthy Investors Who Love Golf
Professionals in the financial services industry always need to make contact with individuals of high net worth. However, most investors are sick of boring seminars which teach them the same information over and over again.
However....... many wealthy, successful people love to play golf.
Now you can offer existing clients and potential clients a unique opportunity to come to a seminar which will show how them how to play better golf and how to make and save more money.
Seminar 1: How To Lower Your Golf Score And Increase Your Net Worth In 90 Minutes
Seminar 2: How To Lower Your Golf Score And Lower Your Tax Bill
These entertaining seminars will increase your client base and build your bottom line. Ask your existing clients to invite their golfing foursomes.
For more information about our work with golfers, visit: SingleDigitHandicap.com or StayInTheZone.com

Dr. Jay Granat