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"We Wrote The Book" On Small Business Marketing
Learn how to create money-making advertising on a workable budget!
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Jay P. Granat, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Communications
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Teaneck, New Jersey

"Entrepreneurs who still have questions on advertising should read this book. This is a definitive treatment on the topic. Entrepreneur Jay Granat provides clear, easy-to-understand perspectives that are right on!"

Marge Lovero,
Executive Director
The Entrepreneurial Center
Purchase, New York

Here is the perfect book for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to know how to create effective advertising on an affordable budget. Persuasive Advertising For Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners shows how to plan and execute money-making advertisements and commercials-and on a workable budget. Jay Granat, an experienced marketing professional and ad man, provides readers with a practical understanding of advertising principles, media selection, copy writing, consumer behavior, and persuasive advertising methods in promotional efforts. These principles have important implications for small business owners and Jay Granat shows them how to utilize them and stay within their means. Successful cases from across the media - television, print, direct mail, radio, transit, and public relations, representing construction, law, medicine, publishing, retail businesses, restaurants, and others - highlight various prosperous approaches to persuasive advertising.
Written specifically for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Granat's book is the first to explain how to use persuasive tactics and strategies. Ideal for established small business owners and those starting such a venture, this manual makes affordable advertising an easier step on the path to success.
In addition to analyzing many aspects of advertising, this manual outlines appropriate networking and public relations strategies for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Granat teaches readers how to construct money-making advertising campaigns and to recognize when their sales messages are effective and when the messages need to become more persuasive. To help illustrate the power of effective sales messages, he includes examples of his own advertising successes and failures. Readers will be better equipped to foresee when their own advertising campaigns are more likely to succeed or more likely to fail and how to reverse a failing campaigns. Descriptions of the advantages and disadvantages of each advertising medium assist readers with the question of how to construct effective and persuasive selling messages for specific media.
Whether readers are looking for advice on how to plan a marketing/advertising campaign, ways to familiarize themselves with each medium available and select a medium to carry their messages, or how to use mind-set and hypnotic advertising, they will find it in Persuasive Advertising For Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners. This abundance of useful information is ideal for copywriters, brand managers, entrepreneurial institutes, business professors, communications professionals, readers of Inc., Success, and Entrepreneur, advertising and marketing students, and of course, entrepreneurs and small business owners.
Publication Date: Available Spring 1993
Price: $39.95 hard/$14.95 soft
ISBN: 1-56024-366-X hard / 1-56024-367-8 soft
Pages: Approx. 225 pp. + Index
LC#: not set
Categories: Marketting/Advertising/Promotion; Small Business


  1. Introduction
  2. The Medium Is the Message - Even for a Five-Year Old
  3. Entrepreneurial Advertising, A Few Business Basics and a Lot of Common Sense
  4. Persuading Customers
  5. Words That Win Customers
  6. Testing: A Scientific Approach to Advertising
  7. The Adventures of a Mail Order Entrepreneur
  8. Let Your Fingers Do the Walking
  9. Brochures That Bring In Big Bucks
  10. How To Create Television Campaigns on a Small Budget
  11. Radio: Sounds That Sell
  12. Where and When Should You Run Your Message?
  13. Public Relations and Advertising: A Powerful Combination
  14. What Entrepreneurs Really Need to Know About Advertising
  15. An Inspirational Message For Entrepreneurs
  16. References
  17. Index
Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., has developed successful advertisements, television and radio commercials, direct mail programs, and public relations campaigns for a wide range of products and services. A trained psychotherapist, he is particularly interested in the psychological factors which impact and influence consumer behavior. Dr. Granat has written many articles on advertising, marketing, and public relations and has lectured extensively on entrepreneurship and business development. The winner of an advertising award from The Ad Club of New York, he has recently established a phone consultation hot line to assist entrepreneurs with their advertising and business problems. Currently, Dr. Granat is Assistant Professor in the Department of Communications at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey. You can call Dr. Granat at (201) 592-6420.
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